Why is Live streaming useful

1. It gives people access to events they are unable to attend

Thanks to COVID-19 event sizes have had to be reduced. Many of the people that liked to go to these events are no longer allowed to attend because of CDC guidelines. A great solution to include more people at these events is to have the event live streamed. You can live stream weddings, fundraisers, exercise classes, sporting events. This creates a platform with a bigger outreach where people can join from all over the world without having to meet in person. There is also no need to worry if a venue will be big enough to fit many people, you just need to find a good platform.

2. It makes people feel included

Live streaming is not something that can be edited and put on the internet later, because of this people feel like they are participating in whatever they are watching. Live streaming captures the background noise that makes your house feel full of people even if it is only just you on the couch eating popcorn. It creates the illusion of being present without having to leave your house. You can also see everything that is happening live so that you won’t miss a thing. At times in between shots can get cut in live broadcast but with live streaming you see everything.

3. Connect with audience

A lot of live streaming platforms have live comments as well. With this the viewers can comment as the event is happening. Through comments they can ask questions or interact with other users. It gives people a space to express themselves and give their opinions. The questions can be answered quickly by the live streamer which creates a bigger sense of community. The streamer can also ask questions to their audience and get immediate feedback or answers. It is a way to easily connect with the audience that is instantaneous. The users can also inform if there is some sort of technical problem like bad sound and it can be fixed immediately.

4. It can reach niche audiences

Live streaming can broadcast less popular events for the smaller audience that wants to watch and are not able to attend. If we look at the world of sports only a few sports are broadcasted and sometimes big events here and there in less popular sports. These not as well known sports or events have a lesser production value so live streaming is a cheaper alternative but still getting coverage to those niche areas. People that love their niche can also take it upon themselves to live stream their events as it is not something professional knowledge, though if you are looking for assistance production companies have great equipment and personnel to help the live stream look more professional.

5. Less production time

There is no editing in live streaming. Post production is nearly nonexistent. There is no need to take multiple shots of the same thing because it is live and it only happens once. There are no reshoots or camera angle changes. It is a fairly simple and straightforward shooting process. Live streaming is also great at capturing things the way they are and has instant delivery to the audience. The thing that might take a bit of time is prepping. Looking for the best angle, setting up the camera and making sure everything is working properly but that would still take less time than regular production because it is only one camera.

6. Live streaming platforms

Many media platforms have adopted live streaming, here are some to check out: