Video Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Marketing Do’s

1. Measure performance

You should always check how a video is performing. This tells you how much engagement it is getting from your audience. This is important because it tells you what is working and what is not. By measuring performance it becomes easier to know what marketing strategies are resonating with your consumers and what strategies are not. Looking at the results of your marketing videos will also help expand plans for the future as you already know what is working.

2. Make videos mobile friendly

People are always on their phone. Most of the time we are watching everything on our phones. If your video is not compatible with a smartphone, it already lost thousands of views and new customers. Phones are the current device and videos need to adapt to the small screens.

3. Grab viewers attention in the first 3 seconds

You need to grab your viewers attention in the first three seconds of your video if not they will move on to the next. If their interest isnet peaked they will forget about your video and move on. Those first few seconds are the key to improving a video’s performanc.

4. Provide valuable content

Make sure the content you are putting out is one that people want and appreciate. Don’t put mindless stuff, consumers will be bored. Videos can’t be mindless or they won’t interest the viewer. They also have to provide some sort of explanation for the product or the viewer will forget about it.

5. Include a call-to-action

A call to action makes people want to do something after watching your video. If there is a call to action it is more likely that your viewers will be motivated to buy your product.

Marketing Don’ts

1. Copy your competitors

First of all, copying is wrong. But also when you copy off of a competitor then your brand and theirs will become meshed. If your competitor has been around for a long time then people will think that your videos are theirs or it could go the other way around. When copying a competitor you will confuse your audience and it will not do well for your product. In this day and age we value creativity, it is what makes a brand unique. When you copy someone else then there is nothing unique about the product or the brand. It desintrests your consumers.

2. Overlook the aesthetics of the video

A brand needs to keep a similar aesthetic so videos are recognizable. It is important for a brand to have a look that is instantly recognizable to people if they don’t, people will get confused. It also makes your brand look disorganized if there isn’t an aesthetic that ties things together.

3. Restricting your videos to one platform

If you restrict your video marketing to only one platform you are ignoring the many others that are being used by other brands. This will limit your reach and won’t have as big a following if using more than one platform. Each video platform is useful for different things, utilize all of them.

4. Forget call-to-action

If you don’t have a call to action consumers will not be motivated to interact with your brand. It is important to spur people into action.

5. Try to target every single person

The goal of a video is to connect with as many people as possible. That is hard to do when you try to target only one person in a video. This will lead to many more feelings excluded instead of included. It is not conducive to try and target every single person either, some are not your target audience and that is okay.