Top advantages of corporate video production

To start we need to explain what corporate videos are and their purpose. These are videos created by a brand or corporation to create awareness of the brand. In other words they are a video technique used by corporations. These videos can range from marketing a brand to training an employee. There are many advantages to corporate video production and here are someā€¦

1. Fun way to be creative and market

Videos are a great way to let your creativity loose. There are so many possibilities to play with that anything can be possible. There are so many ways to send your message that your imagination can run wild. Videos are a form of art with a great and easy way to convey a message. It can be an interactive video or use a ton of special effects. There are little off limits and if a video production company is used then even less. They have great equipment that can make any vision come to life. As cheesy as it sounds your imagination and budget is the limit.

2. Easy way to tell a story

There are more ways to tell a story through a video than a photo. There are endless possibilities. From a silent video to one with dialogue or one that has a jingle. A video lets the creator play with more information without having to use just one image. These videos can last as long as the producer wants. These show much more than just a picture and engages the audience into wanting to see more.
There is also the use of narration in videos that photos do not have. Videos can either contrast language and pictures or compare them. As I said above there are so many options to tell a story that catchy the viewers attention. From songs to famous actors.

3. Video are more effective, social media

Nowadays with the rise of tik tok the marketing focuses a lot on video. A lot of times we are scrolling through instagram or tik tok and come across a video marketing video. At times the first few seconds are so captivating that we stay for the rest of the video and we might even get curious enough to visit the brand. This will lead to exposure and if an influencer likes your product or brand they might endorse it. And in the 2021 trends a lot of things sell out after it goes viral.

4. Catchy

Corporate videos can create very catchy jingles that are impossible to get out of your head. As much as you try it is almost impossible to, they keep replaying over and over again until you hear it again. And even then it might not get out. Look at how Geico has their jingle that everyone knows. It will be in the back of their minds and when they think of insurance they will think of Geico. Videos can create this association between your brand and your product that photos cannot create. It is easier to remember a sound that you have heard multiple times than a picture.

5. Training

Corporate videos can also be used for training purposes. It is a great way to give a rundown of the basics before having other employees train the new ones. These videos can range from showing the brands stance to explaining their jobs. With explaining more about the brand in a video it will take less time for the trainer to go through the rest of the training process. With a video showing the new recruits their jobs before they are trained it will also help them focus as they have already seen what is expected of them.

All in all corporate video production can be used for many things. These things can increase productivity and awareness. It is a great way to market a company and use creativity as well as train new employees.