Myths about video marketing for business debunked

1. It’s Expensive

Many people believe video production to be expensive because of the equipment. Yes the professional cameras and lighting set are costly, especially if you are buying them yourself for only a number of projects. Not to mention freelance videographers and editors are not as cost efficient as one might think. However a cost effective way to produce videos is to use a video production company. They already have top equipment that you wouldn’t have to buy and they hire professionals that will work with you. Another benefit is that seeing as they are professionals they can help you stay in your budget suggesting where to cut costs depending on the project.

2. If it isn’t viral it flopped

A lot of people believe that if a video doesn’t go viral the video flopped and therefore did not work. When using a video for marketing the idea of the video is to gain exposure but also engage the audience and make them curious about the brand or product so they want to try it. A video doesn’t need to go viral for it to succeed. Sales can go up without a video gaining millions of views. A person can see a video and if it is engaging enough they will remember it and then when the need for the product or service arises they will think of the brand. Also a video can go viral for the wrong reasons. They might make fun of the brand or product or service and that would be bad publicity. People will associate the brand with something bad or in a mocking way and sales could go down.

3. You need to be good with technology to produce good videos

Another common myth about video marketing is that you need to be good at technology, that to be able to produce a quality video you need to have knowledge about technology and know how to use it. This is in fact not true. You can hire people for that. There are professionals you can hire to make great videos. You can hire freelance videographers and editors or you can hire a video production company. As said above they are experts that know what they are doing and you don’t need to know or be good with technology.

4. You need to be good at script writing

Some people believe that you need an Oscar winning script for your video to be successful. This is not true. You don’t need to be good at writing scripts, a lot of videos don’t even have dialogue and they work great. This is a way you can forgo writing a script all together.
If you want to have dialogue in your videos a tip to give is to make sure it sounds natural. When you write something, say it outloud to make sure it sounds like two people talking instead of robots. That is what all writers do when having trouble with dialogue.

5. Videos need to be under three minutes

It is said that marketing videos need to be under three minutes. This is said to be an unspoken rule because of the short attention span humans have nowadays. This rule may be true for Instagram and Tik Tok because their videos are only a minute long but for platforms like Facebook and Youtube cater to longer videos. Your marketing videos can be as long as you want them to be. There is one thing to keep in mind, the video has to be engaging. If the video is not engaging then it doesn’t matter if it is 5 seconds or five minutes no one will want to watch it.