5 Facts about video production you didn’t know

1. Pre and Post-production take longer than filming

Planning a shoot takes more time than the actual shoot itself. There is a lot of time that goes into the synopsis of the shoot. Outlining each shot, making sure they make sense with the overall story. There has to be an outline for the producer to follow as the shooting begins. This is also the time to decide the venue and team. It takes time to make a schedule that works for people as well as the venue to be available. Editing also takes a long time. It takes a while to go over all the footage taken that day and then pieced together so it makes the most sense. It takes a long time because this step is very detail oriented and there is a lot of editing and reediting to make the final product as seamless as possible.

2. Multiple Camera angles produce the best B-roll

B-roll is the footage that is intertwined with the main footage. The more angles you get with this footage the more you can play around with it in the editing stage. Angels are great to show off different aspects of a product or view so when there are multiple angles then there is more material to use.

3. Each shot can be as short as five seconds

Depending on what type of video you are shooting, five seconds can actually be a long time. You can slow down the footage and those five seconds can turn into a twenty second video. A five second shot at normal speed can also be a long time. It is all a matter of perspective, five seconds can be half of a video if it is for tik tok or instagram. It depends on what the video is used for.

4. Videos receive more engagements from your target audience

Videos take more time for a person to process as it is longer than a picture. This means that a video has to be engaging for your target audience to be interested. If you get your audience invested in the video there is a bigger chance that they will then spend more time researching the brand or product. There is also a big social media craze on videos at the moment. People are watching more and more videos.

5. Viewers prefer videos over text

Nowadays people are lazier. Videos are a good alternative to text because it requires less of an effort. The fact that you are reading this is impressive. There is a bigger demand for videos than text marketing as social media videos are skyrocketing. People can watch a video while doing other things but with reading it takes time to stop what they are doing and read the text. It is also an easy way to pass time and multitask.